Good News: Ganoderma Coffee without Aluminum

A number of months ago I was lamenting about the lack of quality Ganoderma coffee available in Canada.  Then on Wednesday, April 02 I opened an email with the subject line, Good News:  Ganoderma Coffee without Aluminum.  My first thought was this would be yet another e-mail from someone with one of the companies I already know about.  I was in for a very pleasant surprise.

The writer acknowledged my blog post, confirming I was looking for a Ganoderma coffee without aluminum in the non-dairy creamer, and submits the following testimonial.

I also suffered from severe acid reflux, waking up at night with that horrible taste in my throat and sometimes in my nose.  It was even hard for me to breathe.  Ganoderma coffee has been a true life saver for me and I’ve heard many other stories about Cholesterol, Arthritis, Ranors Disease and much more.

Acid reflux is something I suffer from as well.  Ganoderma coffee is one of the few supplements I’ve used that have helped with this.  Ganoderma coffee is also less acidic than regular coffee.

The e-mail goes on to say…

I’m proud to inform you that Healthy Habits Global sells the best tasting Ganoderma Coffee on the planet from what our continental taste tests have shown.  HHG uses a premium Swedish non-dairy creamer WITHOUT ALUMINUM!  It also uses natural cane sugar.

Healthy Habits Global is not a company I had heard of before.  The words “Swedish” and “cane sugar” certainly have my attention.  I’m getting a sense of integrity and quality.  Based on the rest of the e-mail and some further investigation I discovered more good news:

  1. Healthy Habits Global ships to Canada.  Since I’m in Canada, this makes or breaks the deal.
  2. Quality product at a competitive price.
  3. More Ganoderma than Gano Excel, Gano Life, and OrGano Gold.  Four times as much in fact.
  4. Healthy Habits Global has plans to introduce an energy drink that contains Ganoderma and Ginseng.

After a brief telephone conversation my decision was obvious:  Buy a distributor kit and let people know that quality Ganoderma coffee without aluminum is now available!

Buy Ganoderma Coffee

(without Aluminum)


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