Ganoderma coffee unavailable in Canada

I very much enjoy my ganoderma coffee.  After doing some research I thought I had found a source for ganoderma beverages that do not contain aluminum.  Looks like not.

Currently I am looking for a source for ganoderma coffee in Canada.  (There may be options for the USA but the ones I found do not ship north of the 49th parallel.)

If you know how one might obtain ganoderma coffee (that does not contain aluminum) shipped to Canada, please contact me.

world coffee guy at gmail dot com


4 thoughts on “Ganoderma coffee unavailable in Canada

  1. Good morning.. My aunt started working with Gano excel. Had to many problems now she belongs to Organo Gold.. Coffee with ganoderma and we do have business with Canada just go into the website and choose your country and order your product.. If you would like more information my number is [removed by admin] hope this gets you our wonderful coffee with ganoderma.. Blessed day

  2. Has anyone found a distributor of gandoderma in Canada yet?
    Sure miss it—- almost ready to pay the exorbitant shipping costs to get it from the states.
    can’t go back to chickory, BLAH!

  3. I am a distributor of Organo Gold which includes Ganoderma supplements. Please feel free to contact me for information, I am in Canada.


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