Gano Excel Closed in North America

I was introduced to Gano Excel and healthy mushroom coffee in 2004 by a good friend.

The first thing I noticed about the ganoderma coffee was the rich smooth taste.  The next thing I noticed was that my problem with acid reflux disappeared.

Since the ganoderma mushroom is alkaline, ganoderma mushroom coffee is less acidic than regular coffee.  Search for Ganoderma on the Internet and you will find all kinds of interesting health benefits.

Today I was informed by a top leader that Gano Excel has closed their doors in North America.  Does this bring a coffee dynasty?  I certainly hope not.

Recently I discovered a company called SereniGy Global.  SereniGy offers a full line of coffee and tea beverages infused with certified organic Ganoderma.  We hope we can continue to expand the healthy mushroom coffee legacy started by Gano Excel.