OrGano Gold Ingredients

Allergy concerns are noted in bold with an explanation at the bottom of this page.  Alternative products are now available.

Black Coffee

Instant coffee and ganoderma lucidum extract.

Latte (4-in-1)

Sugar, Non Dairy Creamer [Glucose Syrup Solids, Vegetable Fat, Sodium Caseinate (a milk derivative), Dipotassium Phosphate, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Mono- and Diglycerides, Riboflavin and Sodium Aluminum Silicate], Instant Coffee, and Ganoderma Extract.


Non Dairy Creamer [Glucose Syrup Solids, Vegetable Fat, Sodium Caseinate (a milk derivative), Dipotassium Phosphate, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Mono- and Diglycerides, Riboflavin and Sodium Aluminum Silicate], Sugar Skim Milk Powder, Malt Extract, Instant Coffee Powder, Cocoa Powder, Ganoderma Extract.

Hot Chocolate

Non Dairy Creamer [Glucose Syrup Solids, Vegetable Fat, Sodium Caseinate (a milk derivative), Dipotassium Phosphate, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Mono- and Diglycerides, Riboflavin and Sodium Aluminum Silicate], Sugar Skim Milk Powder, Malt Extract, Cocoa, Ganoderma Extract and contains permitted flavoring (Vanillin).

Allergy Concerns

Sodium Caseinate, a milk derivative, is a form of MSG (monosodium glutamate).

Aluminum in the form of Sodium Aluminum Silicate may be a concern for those with brain disorders such as Alzheimers.

Malt Extract will be a concern for celiac as it is a wheat derivative.

OrGano Gold Alternatives

Healthier options exist when choosing your Ganoderma Coffee.  Visit for more information.

47 thoughts on “OrGano Gold Ingredients

      • I would have to ask, do you use any salt? do you buy products with salt? if so you are consuming it anyway! In moderation,like most things it is safe and has been around since the beginning of time. there are a lot bigger hazardous to worry about being consumed at a much higher and damaging rate!

        • You are confusing the salt that we know as table salt with compounds scientifically known as salts.

          Table salt is sodium chloride.

          Not all “salts” are edible or safe.

    • Most of these ingredients are Very Dangerous and are Monsanto Products. I’d even bet the Gandoerma is a GMO.
      Pentasodium Triphosphate<— found in Detergents. This would explain the "detoxifying"

    • Aluminum is commonly used as a preservative. Many products which may not be consumed soon after production will contain Aluminum-based compounds to keep it “fresh”. When I learned about possible links between Aluminum and Alzheimers, I became very interested to see how many products I consume daily which has it. I was amazed that even the muffins I bought from the local grocery store (supposedly freshly-made) contained Aluminum compounds. When you visit your local grocer, you should take a look at the ingredients labels on the back…you will be shocked how much metal-based products we are consuming!

    • I looked it up and the sodium aluminum silicate is actually an anti-caking agent that allows the ingredients to mix together uniformly it is actually common in powdered products

    • Absolutely. Coupled with a proper diet and good exercise, Ganoderma coffee can be very good for weight loss.

  1. I have an Organo Gold package in fron of me and it has aluminum sodium silicate in it and Ganaderma. How can this be good or ok? Is there a caffeine free coffee with Ganaderma?

    • All of the ganoderma coffee I have seen have about the same amount of caffeine as regular coffee. The ganoderma helps neutralize some of the negative effects of the caffeine.

      • No. OrGano Gold black coffee with ganoderma contains approximately the same amount of caffeine as any other coffee. Just the ganoderma makes the is supposed to help deal with some of the negative effects of caffeine. Since ganoderma mushroom is alkaline, ganoderma coffee in general is not nearly as acidic as regular coffee.

  2. How come you only posted about the coffee? How about its tea? Was this just a blog to try and sell a different type of gamoderma beverage? Thanks for the coffee information though. I’ll ask my biology and chemistry profs about this.

    • This blog is about mushroom coffee. There are two main types: Real brewed coffee with 14 mushrooms and instant ganoderma coffee.

      OrGano Gold green tea is, I believe, certified organic.

  3. Everybody should do researches before making any kind of statements. I check on for scientif facts about it and i find a study from 1994 where they suggest the investigation of the possible use of silicates as a therapeutic agent in Alzheimers pacients. You can check the cientific study here: . The name of study is: Precipitation and characterization of an aluminosilicate from AlCl3-Na2SiO3-HCl in serum, of interest for Alzheimer disease.

    • There are studies that indicate a link to aluminum and Alzheimer’s.

      Do you have information that is in plain English that does not require a PhD to understand?

    • The study mentioned by Nuno Andrade is investigating the use of sodium silicate to REMOVE aluminum from the patient! Al has for about 25 years been suspected of playing a role in CAUSING Alzheimers, and there are good reasons for this suspicion!

      Decades ago I got rid of my Al cookware and antiperspirants containing Al.
      Using an aluminum-containing ingredient in this product is completely unnecessary and unwelcome.

    • The same silicate stops levodopa – a drug for Parkinson’s from being absorbed effectively. A possible health concern don’t you think? Not only for levodopa but 60 plus other medications and supplements. Google that!

  4. Great & healthy coffee – also stabilizes the pH in the system – in-turn prevents cancer.

    • To Mr. Barry White, These Ganoderma products have to many Ingredients In them that are more harmful for your body than good. And plus If you stop and think about their main claim to the public population that coffee Is bad for you. Their Main product that they market Is an Instant Coffee beverage but Organo gold doesn’t tell you where their Instant Coffee Powder comes from or how It Is derived and processed. So basically you have no clue as to what you are actually consuming and putting Into your body. They also say It can treat diabetes but their products contain High Levels of Refined Sugar and many of the Ingredients turn Into sugar. This Is not healthy at all. I tried these products due to someone swearing by their health benefits. From my personal experience I was born premature with different Health Issues to this day one of them being Underweight and after drinking this Coffee & Hot Chocolate on a regular basis It caused me to loose even more weight In a short period of time that caused more severe Health problems for me and endangered my Lungs to which I have COPD at a very young age. So I say the risks outweigh any possible benefits In the long run.

      • Not all Ganoderma Coffee products are created equal. SereniGy makes products that are certified organic and contain ingredients that are both safe and from natural sources.

      • Tim, right on. I am now feeling sick after consuming a lot of the latte since November of 2012. I have to be tested to make sure it is not the coffee. Even my boss told me that he believes it is the coffee.. Because 1 1/2 months after consuming it, I started feeling sick.

        • Wow, Im glad I read these comments. I enjoyed the packet of black coffee and the Gourmet CAFE LATTE my co worker wanted me to try and was considering buying some. But I will stick to my black Folgers. :/ It didn’t raise my blood sugar though, I can go as far as to say my glucose went down that I needed OJ. I have been a diabetic for 34 years and it was nice to have something that didn’t raise my sugar.

    • I am having problems now. My boss said my sudden nervous feelings were a result of the coffee. I started in mid November and started feeling sick in January and I am still feeling sick. I stopped drinking the coffee for about two weeks and started feeling better. I decided to try again. This time, I drank two cups of mocha. After having the second cup, I began feeling nervous, week and felt faint. I knew then it was the coffee. I am still not feeling well and have to go get tested to see if aluminum is in my system.

      STAY AWAY from OG. It is NOT about health, but it is about Wealth and only a few at the top will be wealthy.

      by the way, the coffee is not kosher. I contacted OG and told them to have their reps to stop spreading the lie, saying it is. Only the green tea and black tea are Kosher beverages. The kosher symbol will be on a kosher beverage. OG confirmed this.

  5. These products have even more ingredients that are harder on the body than just coffee! They are high in refined sugar – glucose, oh look, another sugar – mono and diglycerides and look another sugar – sugar skim milk powder, oh and another – malt extract. It has cow dairy or an artificial chemical instead of cow dairy, has “instant” coffee powder – who knows how that is derived & let’s just add aluminum – a heavy metal!! Know what you are injesting and selling and you’re better off drinking coffee. You’d have to use a garbage pail load of reishi mushroom [ganoderma] to compensate for all of the above! The bottom line is, coffee is not meant to be used on a regular basis – period! You need to face the facts!

    • Aluminium is not and has never been a ‘heavy metal’ (think lead)
      Glucose isn’t a problem….FRUCTOSE is…because of it’s molecular structure.
      Malt extract is high in vitamin B and not sugar. The coffee is fine ly ground from Arabica beans.

      • My concern is more about aluminum being linked to diseases like Alzheimers than whether or not it’s a heavy metal. There are healthier alternatives.

  6. It drives me crazy that this product is marketed as a health product. This is not healthy! If you wa.t tge benefuts if the mushroom, have the myshroom and forget the sugar, aluminum, animal fats and all the other additives….

  7. Does anyone know the calories,fat and carbs for the single packets of the black coffee and the Gourmet Café Latte? I am a Type one diabetic and really would like this information, I couldn’t seem to find it on their website. Thanks!

  8. RE: I have an Organo Gold package in front of me and it has aluminum sodium silicate.

    Patricia I have a complete shipment of OG products that include their tea and I can’t find any such mention of aluminum on any of the packets or bottles. Your post was made in 2011 and mine of course 2014. Do you think that OG has taken the aluminum out of their products or worse failed to list the aluminum on it or hidden it in another name?

    I am an investigator and I am trying to get feed back on OG for my report. Any of the others on this blog who may know something more on this please make contact with me through this blog. Thanks.


    • This page was last updated on August 08, 2010. At that time the following OrGano Gold products contained sodium aluminum silicate: Mocha; Latte; Hot Chocolate. If the OrGano Gold products have been updated and you can scan and send to me the ingredient lists as written on the boxes, I’ll happily update this page.

      I’m not aware of sodium aluminum silicate or any other form of aluminum being listed under any other name. A quick Google search could likely confirm or deny this.

  9. I am so tired of reading the “testimonials” of the Orgasmic Gold coffee. You make money by convincing people to sign up and locking them into an “auto-ship”. The new members end up with boxes and boxes of product in their garage. They are told to give away free samples (not free for the new member!). From my honest experience, the only people that drink this stuff are members of the cult, oops I mean Orgasmic Gold.

    If you do background check on Bernardo T. Chua, you will see that he is not squeaky-clean. He is a Chinese-Filipino who once worked for Organo Excel in California.

    Now, I hope that at least some of the people that read this blog have critical thinking abilities. So listen to this: most of the “positive” comments regarding Organo Gold are from Organo Gold members, and distributors. All of the “negative” comments and reports, are from neutral 3rd parties.

    In other words, there are no 3rd party positive reviews. The coffee was tested by and they found it to be the most foul-tasting black coffee they have ever tested, and the Latte and Mocha are mostly sugar. Put enough sugar in anything and it will taste better.

    The company is being investigated for false claims and shoddy business practices:

    Again, the only people that have positive reviews of this product (and the company in general), are the members themselves. The protect Orgasmic Gold and Bernardo Chua in a “cult-like” way.

    Check out for more comments and reviews regarding Organo Gold.

    Do you want a garage full of coffee that only your friends and family will drink (after you annoy the hell out of them)?

    Look at the ingredients of any of the Orgasmic “Organo Gold” products…….do your research. Do you see any healthy ingredients?

    Did you research the Ganoderma mushroom? Did you research the side effects of consuming too much Ganoderma?

    The coffee product makes Orgasmic Gold a legitimate MLM (multi-level marketing) company. The money is made from recruiting and the forced auto-ship. Even if the product was candy-coated deep-fried dog turds, I’m sure that some member would espouse the benefits of eating dog turds because the fiber inside the turd is organic and fiber is good for you!

    If you want to try to make a lot of money….and lose a lot of friends and family in the process, then by all means, join and sell that coffee dream!!!!


    • Newsflash: There’s no such thing as an independent and unbiased third-party review. Everyone has an agenda.

      OrGano Gold is over-hyped for sure but I’m sure no one has had a gun held to their head and forced to buy product.

      Caveat emptor. Do your research on the products, company management, and compensation plan before joining ANY company. This site exists to help people with their research.

    • When you read the ingredient labels how can this company claim the coffee is healthy? The first ingredients are sugar and chemicals. Coffee and mushroom are the 2 last ingredients on the list which means they are found in the least amount in the product!

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